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Focused, engaging, and impactful leadership education for veterinary professionals

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Veterinary leaders are busy people. To lead successful businesses, we must stay current and competent in topics related to medicine, business and management. There is often little time or energy left for developing ourselves in the area of leadership. Regardless, it’s important to allocate time to this area because our ability to lead effectively is critical to our ability to achieve our personal and professional goals. The purpose of The Veterinary Leadership Bootcamp is to provide leadership education in an engaging environment where discussions are practical, focused and impactful.  Four leadership workshops are available. Each workshop is available as a one day, six-hour on-site event OR as one hour/week, six-week virtual sessions.
Workshop options are listed below:

Coaching Skills for Bringing out the Best in Employees 

  • Define coaching and review the goals of coaching
  • Share examples of effective and ineffective coaching approaches
  • Review five key aspects of coaching: Building relationships; Motivating; Delegating,
    Giving feedback and Holding meetings
  • Identify best practices for building trust with coworkers
  • Review strategies for addressing situations where trust is broken
  • Review the difference between extrinsic and intrinsic motivators
  • Identify ways to influence personal motivators
  • Review how to delegate effectively
  • Review the importance of and barriers to giving feedback
  • Identify best practices for giving effective feedback
  • Review strategies for holding productive coaching meetings

Best Practices for Creating a Culture of Engagement

  • Define engagement and review how it is different from job satisfaction
  • Share research on the state of engagement in North America
  • Review the benefits of engagement and share related research
  • Review the problems with disengagement in the workplace
  • Identify the qualities of engaged and disengaged employees
  • Identify key factors that impact engagement level
  • Review the 6 C strategies for maximizing engagement
  • Review strategies for assessing engagement
  • Review strategies for establishing engagement goals
  • Review strategies for increasing your personal engagement level

Creative and Constructive Strategies for Managing Change 

  • Review the link between business success and successful change management
  • Identify the common benefits and challenges that accompany change initiatives
  • Review common misconceptions about change management
  • Share examples of successful and unsuccessful change initiatives in well- known businesses
  • Review the reasons the people are often resistant to change
  • Identify strategies for addressing resistance to change
  • Reviews Kotter’s eight step model for change management
  • Share examples on how to use Kotter’s model with change initiatives in veterinary practice

Managing Conflict in Cool and Constructive Ways 

  • Review the benefits of healthy conflict in the workplace
  • Review the characteristics of healthy and unhealthy conflict among teams
  • Review the common causes of conflict
  • Identify the possible responses to conflict
  • Review the two common conflict styles
  • Determine your personal conflict style
  • Review the APE model to managing conflict
  • Review strategies for enhancing dialogue during difficult discussions
  • Identify practical strategies for dealing with extremely difficult people

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