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Coaching Leaders who Care for PeTS

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About Dr. Sally Ryan

Dr. Sally Ryan is an enthusiastic and experienced leader in the veterinary industry. During the past twenty years, she has worked as:

  • An emergency, primary care and shelter veterinarian
  • A senior leader/medical director for a multi- site emergency/ specialty veterinary organization (17 years)
  • A medical director for a municipal animal humane society
  • A professional leadership trainer and consultant
  • Certified John Maxwell consultant and trainer
  • Certified Trainer for the Crucial Conversations Course
  • Currently works as a Professional Services Veterinarian
  • VETgirl speaker and advisor

Join Dr. Ryan for her  monthly  VETgirl leadership webinar! A wide variety of topics are addressed involving leadership, management, client service and professional development.

With this unique background, Dr. Sally Ryan offers a practical and effective approach to building organizations, businesses and leaders in the veterinary industry. Her leadership and coaching style is collaborative, supportive and results-oriented. Her primary objective is to   “Coaching Leaders who Care for Pets” .


I have had the benefit of learning from Dr. Ryan through many CE lectures and one-on-one sessions. In addition to her extensive experience in the veterinary field and growing teams, she offers intuitive coaching while working with you to come up with a step-by-step plan that leads to achieving success! Dr. Ryan’s diverse background also allows her to reach into all areas of the veterinary business, from client experience to team development, she really can offer insight into all areas of your business.  I would highly recommend Dr. Ryan, and cannot wait to work with her again!

Kara Nelsen

DVM MPH, Medical Director Emergency Services, Bluepearl Veterinary Partners Minnesota

I’ve had the opportunity and pleasure of observing Dr. Sally Ryan in action. She is a passionate leader who desires to support people in their growth and development. Dr Ryan is dedicated to coaching others to serve clients and co-workers well. She models key core values and behaviors to those around her which positively influences the environment she serves. My observation is that people respond well to her leadership and coaching.

Jeanine Parolini, PhD, MBA, MA

Leadership & Organizational Consultant & Coach, MERGE Training Committee Chair University Faculty & Thesis/Dissertation Adviser

Helping  veterinary professionals become exceptional leaders in their workplace, homes and communities.

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