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About Dr. Sally Ryan

Dr. Sally is an enthusiastic and experienced leader in the veterinary industry. During the past twenty years, she worked as:

  • An emergency, primary care and shelter veterinarian
  • A senior leader/medical director for a multi- site emergency veterinary organization ( 18 years)
  • A medical director for a municipal humane society
  • A leadership instructor and consultant
  • A board member for AAHA
  • A certified John Maxwell Leadership consultant

  • A VETGirl leadership instructor


Dr. Ryan is able to teach on a wide variety of topics. Listed below are a few examples:

  • Retain, Attract and Develop Exceptional Employees through effective Engagement
  • A Personal and Leader’s response to Compassion Fatigue and Burnout
  • Leading Change Successfully when Few Want to Follow
  • Managing Workplace Conflict in a Cool, Confident and Creative Way
  • Building and Empowering a Unified, Energized and High-performing Team
  • Maximizing Professional Success and Performance by Developing our Emotional Intelligence
  • Using the DISC Behavioral Profile to Enhance our ability to work with Clients and Coworkers
  • Using the Strengthsfinder Assessment to Identify and use our Strengths in the Workplace
  • Identifying and developing the Qualities of highly Effective Leaders
  • Understanding and applying Critical Leadership Laws in the Veterinary Workplace
  • Amazing Accountability: Strategies for Helping Ourselves and Others Stay Accountable
  • Creative Culture: Strategies for Building the Culture of your Dreams
  • Critical Conversations: Holding Sensitive Conversations with Confidence, Candor and Class


  • Smashing Service: Exceeding Client Expectations with Practical and Powerful Strategies

  • Beautiful Boundaries: Gaining Control of Your Personal and Professional Life by Establishing Limits

  • Leading Ladies; Understanding and Addressing the Unique Challenges of Women Leaders
  • Battling Bullies: Successful Strategies for Managing Bullies in the Workplace
  • Thought Therapy: Managing stress and Maximizing Health through Positive Thinking
  • Powerful Planning: Developing a Compelling, Creative and Successful Strategic Plan
  • 360 Leadership: Working Well with those in your Sphere of Influence
  • Battling Blind Spots: Managing Personal Weaknesses that Minimize your Leadership Impact
  • Failing Forward: A Practical Approach for Learning and Growing Through our Mistakes
  • Creative Kudos: Rewarding, Recognizing and Appreciating Talented Team Members
  • The Trust Edge: Building Trust, Rapport and Quality Relationships in the Veterinary Workplace
  • The Employee Engagement Workshop: Engage your Team, Achieve your Goals ( 6 hours)
  • Others as requested

I have had the benefit of learning from Dr. Ryan through many CE lectures and one-on-one sessions. In addition to her extensive experience in the veterinary field and growing teams, she offers intuitive coaching while working with you to come up with a step-by-step plan that leads to achieving success! Dr. Ryan’s diverse background also allows her to reach into all areas of the veterinary business, from client experience to team development, she really can offer insight into all areas of your business.  I would highly recommend Dr. Ryan, and cannot wait to work with her again!

Kara Nelsen

DVM MPH, Medical Director Emergency Services, Bluepearl Veterinary Partners Minnesota

I’ve had the opportunity and pleasure of observing Dr. Sally Ryan in action. She is a passionate leader who desires to support people in their growth and development. Dr Ryan is dedicated to coaching others to serve clients and co-workers well. She models key core values and behaviors to those around her which positively influences the environment she serves. My observation is that people respond well to her leadership and coaching.

Jeanine Parolini, PhD, MBA, MA

Leadership & Organizational Consultant & Coach, MERGE Training Committee Chair University Faculty & Thesis/Dissertation Adviser

I’ve known Dr. Sally Ryan since 2003. She has an extensive background in the field of emergency medicine, and worked as a clinician, manager and leader in an emergency/specialty setting. Dr. Ryan is an intelligent, personable, motivated  and capable veterinary leader and excellent communicator. She is a dynamic speaker, is energetic and is able to explain complicated content in a practical, relevant manner. She has an excellent ability to communicate both medical and leadership/management topics in settings such as webinars, seminars and workshops. She has given over sixteen webinars for our VETgirl leadership track.

Justine Lee, DVM, DAVECC, DABT


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